They should not waste time and money on people who will never wake up again.


Lend me some books to read.

He often laughs at his own jokes.

Vickie took a picture of Raif's new car and sent it to John.

You should've told Syed that a long time ago.

You're the one who worshipped money.

I bought a computer of the best quality.

It is likely that he did it on purpose.

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"Where do you want to eat?" "I don't know. You choose."


I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself from now on.

Let me have a look at that.

Do you know what Bobby is suggesting?

Hard work enabled him to get good marks.

This site contains sexually explicit material and is intended solely for adults only!

He's shorter than Ernie.

Saudi women are not permitted to leave their country alone.

Only when it comes to tenses and phrasal verbs is English grammar more difficult than German.

Cole just ate lunch.


Huashi is exercising.

You two would get along.

Somebody told me that today's test was identical to the one we had last year.

The mayor gave me his condolences.

I'm allergic to fish.

What will you do with this camera?

In his opinion Brasilia was a failure in many ways. The city did not turn out the way the planners intended and is not thought of very highly by either its own inhabitants or other Brazilians.

They feared a threat to democracy.

They feel hungry.


She wanted to go into the carriage.

I've met her before, but I can't place her.

Where are you going to vacation this summer?

My phone is ringing!

I can't believe Alexis told you that.

Her composition had no grammatical errors at all.

He asked our pardon for making a mistake.

Bill has never dated a girl whose name ends with an "s."

It's strange.

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That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

I have a few English books.

Do you give to charity?

This translation is outright wrong.

Leave now!


I was very glad to see him return.

I owe him 300 dollars.

At the end of April, the water of the Yellow River had darkened.

I think they want to destroy the base.

It's really coming down! There are puddles all over the street, and water is pouring down from the rooftops.

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I might not sleep tonight.

Glen is smarter than most boys his age.

I forgot to tell you the babysitter's name.

On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good and not quite all the time.

Rakhal had a queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

I'm still not satisfied.

She always buys nothing but the best of everything.

What's your wife's job?

You have to admit you have a problem before anybody can help you.

The lecture was really boring.

Sometimes hockey players get so competitive that fights break out.


Aren't you a chef?

The participants have come from fifty countries and represent famous teams.

Put the radio on, please.


I just want you to know that Varda is safe.

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Alain is the murderer.

Louiqa made Roland go there alone.

I read it in the magazine three days ago.

He always insists on having everything his own way.

I couldn't kill Stuart.

I don't know when he got back from France.

Becky has got a good reason.

There were at least a hundred people present.

Rod is getting a little nervous.

Someone has to stop it.

I'm not equal to doing the task.


I called my neighbors over for dinner.

We need to talk privately.

Well, I really can't say.


I thought Hein would take Sarah to the aquarium.


I should've worn a short-sleeve shirt.


I gave him a mild sedative.

Barrett wrapped her arms tightly around her chest.

I've been there two weeks ago because of the despair.

He seated himself next to me.

The beard does not make the philosopher.

Sanjay was trying to look calm.

There was a thick fog around.

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I'm in no hurry.

Varda is under pressure to find a solution to this problem.

Carry the injured to the hospital.


We couldn't risk it.

All we want is information.

Please let Myron sleep a little longer.


Let me give you a hint.

Shari doesn't seem to be nervous.

You said I'd be safe here.


He is diabetic and suffers from blindness.


Hector's commissions often exceed his weekly salary.

Do you understand the mission?

He is a professor of the medical department.

Bart is in trouble now.

She is going to be six next year.

I want to stay home with my family.

I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature.

The drain in the washbasin is blocked.

Why can't you just be honest?

Have you told Vincenzo where to put his stuff?

What a boy!


It's still snowing pretty heavily.


The baby smiled at the sight of its mother.

Her finger bleeds when she sneezes. She just sneezed, and now her finger is bleeding.

What he writes apart from his sentences is understandable, though full of errors and stylistic flaws. But when he tackles writing his example sentences, it's just incomprehensible bullshit.

Did you go to any famous gardens?

I feel exhausted today.

She has big boots.

Flowers are so fragile and so beautiful, that you can't speak about them without poetry or metaphors.

That dog's name is Ken.

She didn't want to talk about it further.

I won't be in this week.

There is no money in my bag.

I can speak five languages.

There's no other way out.

I thought Lui said he didn't want to get married.

Where has Franklin been hiding?

He was in agony.

I'm looking for a wallet.


Some Middle-Easterners seek more religious solutions.

I didn't bother going to his birthday party.

Exposing skin excessively to the sun causes sunburn, sometimes blisters.

I did my best to protect Subra.

I never would have imagined Kinch would be able to do that.

You can sit down if you want.

It really is that simple.

Blake said that he didn't want to go to Straka's party.

Steven never says thank you.

We've just got to keep talking.

Vidhyanath and I are both teachers.

My body itches all over.

I'd like to learn to play the harp.

Micah's autopsy revealed that he died from an overdose.

I am going to give you a beautiful and enlightening example of what I read.

Joubert couldn't believe what he saw.

Bush won all the wars he fought.

A squid has ten legs.

It'll be hard to persuade him.


"I want to buy things," the boy said.


The cake has gone bad, no one's going to eat it anymore...


I need one last favor from you.


This I have to see.

We must look into the matter at once.

Kevyn has the toughest job here.


I like the name Jim. It has a nice ring to it.

The list included Marcel.

I think you can prove it.


Gold is far heavier than water.

I designed it myself.

I made copies of that book here in the stationary.


He himself did it.

A computer is for brain like a bike for legs.

Do I look like a plumber?


Be nice to her.


Kevan is showing signs of severe depression.


Change is in the air. And when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond.

Here's the stuff you wanted.

I used to be a professional musician.

I assumed you might be hungry.

Do you still want us to take care of your dog?

She quit her job last month.

Having been busy all day yesterday, I feel very tired this morning.